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My mother was a holistic nurse. An incredibly admirable take on nursing that integrates a person’s mind, body, and spirit with the environment. I learned a great deal from her about health and wellness, both from the perspective of what you eat and what you put on your skin. I grew up with a curious nature and have always wanted to know as much as I could about how the skin works and what makes it thrive as nature intended.



I was inspired to create a new kind of self-care ritual, filled with delight and indulgence, that was founded on the principle that all your skin needs to thrive can be found in the earth. The skin is an incredibly intelligent organ and too often we reach for several different products, sometimes not understanding what we’re putting on our skin and often not knowing what’s happening on a cellular level. It’s imperative to me that my formulations work with the diverse skin microbiome, and not against it, to deliver results. It’s non-negotiable for me that the self-care ritual and our products be simplistic in nature and not over complicated and unnecessary.  


My path to creating formulas and rituals from the healing forces of nature has been winding. I have gone from being a makeup artist and skincare consultant to marketing executive to skincare formulator and herbalist. I’ve obtained my diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation from Formula Botanica, taken courses at the Robert Tisserand Institute, and completed the Practical Herbalism course taught by Dr. John Redden (RH Medical Herbalist) from Viriditas. I’ve walked this path with a constant focus on education and research and have carried a profound respect for ancient traditions and the healing intelligence of plants in my heart. Nature is my greatest inspiration for unlocking the beautiful skin rooted in our DNA and I’ve made it my mission to pass on this knowledge through my skincare collection.



I love what I do and feel incredibly lucky I get to connect with others to guide them on their journey to celebrate their skin. I love days spent in nature and by the ocean the best because they’re the moments when I feel the happiest. Mountain air, salt air and the smell of wild flowers are some of the greatest gifts to treasure. I hope you feel these elements in our products and feel their natural powers, because it’s the only reason I do what I do.



Natural . Simple . Effective.